Consuelo Child-Villiers


“Consuelo Child-Villiers is a long established Artist who free falls into a world of her own.
No net. Independent.
Thus her work is quietly collected in Europe and North America.
Figures and Creatures and objects and their secrets dwell in her vision which is both playful and serious.  Consuelo’s medium of expression is colour, colour as material fact, communication and soul-song in paint, usually and mostly oil paint.
Consuelo studied Sculpture and Painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy.
Her mother-ground is centuries-old rooted in Spain, Mexico and Italy. Her father-spirit is Irish English.”
G d D.
Consuelo now lives and works in London.

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What the press say

… bold line creates a strong geometry of often unlikely juxtapositions, the effect is to produce a powerful design element which both reinforces and constrains the content.
Thus, though she chooses to investigate a magical dream-like world, there is nothing mellow or whimsical in Consuelo’s style.

Galleries Magazine

…le gout des couleurs vives et une tendance a mélanger comme dans un rêve planétaire, nature luxuriante, courbes Feminines, animaux sauvages…Si on ajoute d’inattendues references mythologiques, le gout des masques, des fleurs et du mouvement, on n’est pas loin du symbolisme d’un Chagall ou des envolées d’un Matisse

…a vividness of colour, including dreams of a planetary sky, nature in all her luxuriance, feminine sensuousness and creature wilderness.
Then, with unexpected references to the mythological, an attraction for masks, for flora and movement, one is in the company of Matisse and up on the wings of Chagall.

Marie-Pierre Paulicevich – Nice Matin

Consuelo Child-Villiers returns to Mayfair this month … with paintings which inhabit a magical world of mystery and imagination….fantasy animals, mysterious masked figures and fluid shapes recalling the Viennese Secessionists..there’s a hint of the Renaissance in the rich, vivid colours and decorative detail of clothing and fabrics…